Jun 10, 2015
Finnish Road Weather Conference, June 3-4, 2015 in Kouvola, Finland. Intrinsic attending

Event coverage and the presentation of Intrinsic

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The road weather conference is a biannual event for Finnish road winter maintenance organizations, traffic centres, companies supplying weather services, road weather related equipment and services providers and other stakeholders. The event is organized by the ELY centre of Southeast Finland who is in the operational charge of the road weather information system (RWIS) of the Finnish Road Administration.

The event consisted of presentations and discussions covering the latest development in road weather related issues in Finland and also in the international level. The conference is an important venue for professional networking as well.

Intrinsic gave a presentation under title Open data based RWIS. Intrinsic has developed a RWIS which utilizes open weather data interfaces and data supplied by weather service companies. The system is independent of the RWIS offerings of Finnish Road Administration. It forms a platform to build customer specific RWIS solutions and services. The potential customers include road maintenance operators and all organizations which need a weather related decision support system. The information supplied by the system can also be utilized embedded, like in vehicle information systems. The features was demonstrated with the IntrinWay user interface solution. The audience was excited and the presentation lead to many further discussions.

The other presentations in the evant handled issues like new weather forecast services and their verification, the development status of the RWIS by Finnish Road Administration and what's new in the road weather station technology.

Exciting, successful and fruitful conference for all parties!