Intrinsic Ltd
Intrinsic Ltd is a Finnish software company established in 1984. We increase our customers' productivity through customized information systems and take end-to-end responsibility for our performance throughout the lifecycle of each system investment.
We have solid understanding and experience of providing added value to customers. The profitability of system investments is ensured through timely implementation and delivery of information systems.
We provide selected customer segments with high standard systems for information collection and management. Our solutions are divided into road weather information and traffic management systems and industrial quality control systems – all designed to facilitate the management and optimization of changing conditions.
In terms of technology, these systems share the capacity for demanding information collection from measuring instruments, combined with database information management, information analyses and end-user applications enabling the utilization of gathered information. We deliver systems that communicate seamlessly with other information systems.
Our service offering consists of needs-based solution consulting, project services ensuring end-to-end management as well as system development and maintenance services.
Our office is located in the center of Tampere, Finland.
Sustainability and stability
We are committed to maintaining and developing the systems delivered throughout their lifecycle. Customers no longer have to tolerate interruptions caused by technology migrations or discontinuities in system use and development. In a long-term partnership, both the customer and the supplier are precisely aware of the current stage of a system’s lifecycle, which enables fast response also to unexpected development needs.
In addition to the delivered systems, all related changes are always thoroughly tested before adoption. Once put into production use, the systems must work flawlessly.
Proficiency and responsibility
Our personnel take responsibility for their performance. Work once completed does not vanish into cyberspace, but is reflected directly in the development of customer-specific systems and related end-user responses. Naturally, we consider it a matter of honor to keep these responses positive. Our staff has extended experience in the development of demanding information systems and in direct cooperation with customers. Most of our employees hold a Master of Science in Technology.
The quality of information systems is premised on the understanding of customers' business and also requires professionally competent personnel, disciplined production processes and an end-to-end management approach. Intrinsic's software production process is continuously tested by customers for the ability to deliver high quality.