Software development services
Intrinsic provides productivity-increasing customer-specific software solutions. A software development process typically begins with a feasibility study and a specification phase to define and document the requirements and specifications. We can also implement a software solution using a ready-made specification provided by the customer.
Setting clear and mutually understood objectives forms a solid basis for a customer-specific software project. The services and service levels needed throughout a system’s lifecycle are defined together. We design the system architecture and choose the technologies used according to these objectives and definitions.
We have solid understanding and experience of providing added value to customers. The profitability of system investments is ensured through timely implementation and delivery of information systems.
Our strengths
We provide high standard systems for demanding information collection combined with database information management, information analyses and end-user applications to visualize the analyzed information.
Customer-oriented approach
Our operation is customer-oriented. We are committed to maintaining and developing the systems delivered throughout their lifecycle. In a long-term partnership, both the customer and the supplier are precisely aware of the current stage of a system’s lifecycle, which enables fast response also to unexpected development needs.
The quality of information systems is premised on the understanding of customers' business and also requires professionally competent personnel, disciplined production processes and an end-to-end management approach. Intrinsic's software production process is continuously tested by customers for the ability to deliver high quality.
You can also order a feasibility study including an evaluation of the best implementation alternatives for your organization.